Simplified Underpayments and Denials Revenue Recovery

Through Powerful Healthcare Contract Modeling & Management SaaS

RM Underpayment & Denial Recovery Service offers simplified underpayments and denials identification and recovery to achieve 100% claims collectability. This easy set-up turn key solution incorporates people, processes and technology to prevent underpayments and denials in the long term, and improve cash flow in the short term. RM Revenue recovery is offered at no cost unless your claims are reimbursed with full transparency. We offer you three options to simplify underpayments and denials revenue recovery to increase your net patient revenue right away.

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Three Options for Simplified Denials and Underpayments Revenue Recovery


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Automate underpayments and denial capture

RM Underpayment & Denial Recovery Service automates and standardizes underpayments and denial capture for all payers and includes recommendations of best practices for process improvement. The performance management dashboard enables reporting on remittances, denials and outcomes, allowing complete transparency and visibility to work activity and results.


Key Benefits:

Ensure every single claim is adjudicated according to your payer contracts

Turn Key - RM can model your contracts for you

Free- optional underpayments and denials payment recovery

Model any contract regardless of its complexity 

Improve cash collections both short- and long-term 

Reduce write-offs and protect revenue 

Decrease underpayments and denials by identifying root causes 

Implement tools and processes for sustainable improvement and transition back to in-house staff