Revenue Masters Cloud Contract Management

We can model any payer contract within a full featured, easy to use cloud software at a fraction of the competitors' prices. Boost your net patient revenue by identifying and overturning underpayments and wrongful healthcare denials and underpayments.

Revenue Masters Cloud Contract Management offers a simplified way to identify and overturn wrongful underpayments and denials. You generate a detailed Payment Variance report that compares the expected plan allowable to the amount that was paid by the payer whether it was electronically billed or paper billed. Keep your current claims management workflow while adding auto-calculated underpayments and denials to boost your net patient revenues.Cloud Healthcare Contract Management

Use the contract comparison tool for contract negotiations to determine if the proposed contract variables will be an additional increase or decrease in net patient revenues. Revenue Masters handles all of the modeling of your contracts, updates, rate tables and more. 

Additional optional functionality available for full claims management with the RM Reimbursement Accelerator for needs management, workflow assignment, custom reporting, financial forecasting and more...

With the help of Revenue Masters you will now have better payer contract modeling and will accurately assess, measure and capture all the revenue owed in your contracts.


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