Revenue Masters offers a customized program via the RM-API.

The RM-API powers your current technology to supply it with the contract management and modeling functionality and benefits your clients have been asking for. Contracts are modeled by Revenue Masters into the RM software after your providers’ payer contracts and data tables are supplied. The RM-API will then return the daily calculated allowable with “audit notes” as to how it was calculated to the partner software application.

RM-API benefits include:

     Identify underpayments

      Identify claim level denials and root cause

      Identify invisible denials

      Identify administrative and technical denials

      Patient estimation

      Net revenue claims forecasting based upon contractual allowables vs bucket                 or historical forecasting

      Historical and open payment variances for payment recovery

      Monitor and measure patient responsibility

      Analytics for payer contract negotiations


Revenue Masters API Data Flow




Partner with us for better contract modeling that accurately assess, measures and captures all revenue owed per your payer contracts.