Payment Review and Recovery Services


Revenue Masters Payment Review and Recovery Services

From helathcare contract management to payment review and recovery, our healthcare IT products and services make it easier to achieve 100 percent collections.

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Revenue Masters Payment Review and Recovery services help improve cash cycle management operations, helping your team achieve optimal healthcare revenue cycle performance with a monthly summary that provides a detailed analysis of payer activity, source reasons for underpayments and denials and recommendations to stop future cash loss.

Payment review and recovery services are important for making sure your revenue management department collects all payments.

Beyond providing detailed reports, our solutions help you collect down to the last dollar. With the help of the RM Reimbursement Maximizer™, we identify partial and zero pay trends and collect this lost revenue on your behalf while integrating 837s and 835s. The additional payments collected are paid directly to you, and we collect a contingency of the revenue recovered. The risk is completely absorbed by Revenue Masters. If there are no collections, you don’t pay us.




Download Revenue Masters CvC — our mobile app for iOS and Android.

Use CvC (Collected vs. Collectable) to monitor your team’s payer collections progress and see all of your quick charts 24/7. Monitor payer collection performance with an eye towards achieving 100 percent payer collectability.

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