Revenue Masters Partner Programs


Partner with us to offer your clients 100 percent claims collections across all payers with a full contract management software solution — or add functionality to your existing revenue cycle technology.

Healthcare providers struggle every day with payer contracts and reimbursement models.

That’s why Revenue Masters has established a world-class revenue cycle partner program. It gives your organization the ability to offer a powerful and intuitive SaaS to enable your provider clients to easily manage multiple payer contracts and reimbursement modeling to identify and appeal underpayments, denials, and invisible denials to increase net patient revenues.

Revenue Masters makes it simple to integrate our technology through private label or co-branding. We also offer an API integration for technology partners to connect directly into your core product offering, immediately meeting the demands of customers. Partners can offer Revenue Masters cloud-based products to solve more of their clients’ revenue cycle problems without incurring the costs of a dedicated team for design, build, maintenance, development, contract modeling, management and support costs associated with a payer contract management offering.


Why Partner with Revenue Masters?

Revenue Masters offers a simple-to-operate, advanced medical revenue cycle contract management platform that seamlessly integrates revenue recovery to enable 100 percent collections across all payers. A combination of expertise, efficiency, productivity, quality, and accountability makes Revenue Masters the right choice if you are looking for the benefits that healthcare contract management with reimbursement modeling can provide. The result: Revenue Masters products increase re providers’ revenue by identifying every dollar that should have been paid per provider contracts, supplying data for contract negotiations, powering accurate revenue forecasting and decreasing manual work hours dealing with contracts — all while automating underpayments and denials to achieve 100 percent collectability.


Sell Providers a High ROI Solution

Regardless of provider type or size, every provider can benefit from automating the validation of every single claim against the contractual for fewer FTE hours, the revenues added identifying and overturning underpayment and denials along with the peace of mind they are collecting every claims dollar. As a partner, you will be supplied with our proprietary ROI spreadsheet and analysis to plug in current net patient revenue, claims volume, claims management staff, etc. We also supply a proposal template to edit and include your ROI. Need marketing materials? Just ask!


Partner with us for better contract modeling that accurately assess, measures and captures all revenue owed in your contracts.