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        RMReimbursement Maximizer

RMReimbursement Maximizer is a user-friendly software platform that manages and models your contracts while helping you find and overturn denials and underpayments. Composed of customized payer contract calculators, the RMReimbursement Maximizer pre-calculates the expected plan allowable and compares the amount to the payment processed by the payer.

The RMReimbursement Maximizer is completely customizable and offers unmatched Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics and reporting functionality. Reports can be sent right to the email accounts of designated decision makers on a daily, monthly, or when certain pre-determined goals have been met. In addition, any reports can be easily created with amazing drag & drop features.


         Here is how it works…



RM Reimbursement Maximizer offers a simplified way to keep track of your contracts, denials, and underpayments.

With customized payer contract calculators, RM Reimbursement Maximizer provides work lists that compare the expected plan allowable to the amount processed by the payer.


1. What’s the background on RM?

We were founded in 2012 by one founder with over 25 years RCM experience and the other with over 15 years of cloud computing. They saw the need in the market to build a better, more efficient and flexible cloud based software, officering rich features at an affordable price for providers needs.

2. How do I know the contracts are modeled correctly by RM?

We will model each contract that you give us and then you will sign off on each one that we interpreted it correctly to model and then both RM and your team will check the calculations during the quality assurance period prior to launch.

3. Is Revenue Masters HIPAA certified?

Yes, Revenue Masters is HIPAA certified and also Revenue Masters contract management software is HITRUST certified.

Why denials management don't work without ccm...

According to HFMA, Payer underpayments total an estimated 7-11% of providers net revenues. Payer denials total an estimated 5-10% of medical facilities net revenues, with 65% of denials going unresolved and 35% of medical facilities not appealing denied and underpaid claims. Continue reading for some of the problems that lead to this missed revenue…

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