Revenue Masters is the most modern, powerful, accurate & affordable healthcare contract management software, all this while being the undisputed price performance leader–providing the best value for the price.​


 Healthcare Underpayments Management

All modules are included in base price

You do not have to pay hundreds or thousands more per module, or for expensive add-ons.

 Healthcare Underpayments Management

Much lower list price

Many legacy applications are using old models (for old software) and enterprise price gouging–if not for their base product, then for the add-ons. Plus, you have the learning cost for the older interfaces. Revenue Masters is using a fully integrated platform, a disruptive “app” pricing model, and is penetrating into enterprise and small-to-medium facilities for a better volume price breaks for all–since everyone (small or large) needs this tool to deal with the complicated billing within our industry.

 Healthcare Underpayments Management

NO capital investments and no added cost for software updates

Because it is in the cloud, you don’t have installation, hardware and IT expenses – nor the expensive maintenance contracts. You can also account for it easier as a non-capital expense.


If you have any questions about products, services, implementation, integration, or anything else, let us know. Revenue Masters will be happy to send you a custom quote for your organization. We pride ourselves on affordability while providing the best value for your investment.Please fill out the Contact Form below or Contact Sales




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