No Cost Unless We Collect Historical & Second Look Recovery Services

We only go after payer reimbursement when your team has flagged the account as Zero Balance accounts. All contracts are modeled by our team and we run every claim through our proprietary Contract Management Saas to identify Underpayment and Wrongful Denials. You are supplied with a View Only access while we appeal on your behalf. Only pay a percentage of what we have collected and No set-up fees.


No Cost Unless We Recover with Contract Modeling

How Do We Do It?

In our proprietary RM Reimbursement Maximizer Saas we model all of your contracts plans to check every single zero balance account to collect upon. We also provide clients "View Only" access for full transparency. We create payment variance reporting to identify underpayments and wrongful denials for our collections team to go after.

Contract Management

  Automatic Variance Identification

  Identify Underpayments & Denials Trends

  Payer Analytics For Contract Negotiations

  We Can Model Any Contract For Managed Care & Government Contracts For All 50 States

  Guaranteed Calculation Accuracy

  Second Look Recovery Services


Did you know healthcare underpayments can sometimes be more than denials?

According to HFMA, payer underpayments total an estimated 7-11% of providers' net revenues. This money is lost if it cannot be identified and captured. Know what you should get paid with combined payer contracted rates, contractual language, EDI billing data, and remit data to quickly determine if the payer paid the correct amount. No longer spend time researching claim by claim looking for underpayments or using clunky old systems. Contact Revenue Masters to see how we can help you fully identify and collect on all underpayments.

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Improve Your Healthcare Underpayments Recovery Management Process

Hospitals, health systems, skilled nursing facilities and physician practices all lose revenue to the same silent revenue killers; underpayments and invisible denials. Often, providers post payer payments without knowing if the claim is paid 100% to the payer contractual agreement. As a result, underpayments can go undetected. When healthcare organizations are armed with the correct payer contractual allowable, underpayments are identified and revenue streams tend to swell.

Revenue Masters is a leading provider of payer contract management technology and reimbursement services. With a state of the art payer contract modeling and management software aligned with an underpayments and denials as a service, Revenue Masters is helping providers bottom line and providing peace of mind that they are collecting every dollar they earned per their payer contracts.

The Revenue Masters Difference

Because your contracts are all modeled in Revenue Masters software, we don’t just rely on 835 remits like most healthcare contract management systems. 835 remits reflect the payer decision to pay or not to pay. Since payers use incorrect and USW dated rates, don’t update renegotiated rates, apply inappropriate discounts, downcode claims inappropriately or simply don’t follow their contractual agreement, the 835 remits can many times reflect incorrect data.

With Revenue Masters you see exactly why it was denied or underpaid and what to do next to successfully overturn your denials and underpayments.

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RMReimbursement Maximizer

RMReimbursement Maximizer is a cloud-based denial management solution, allows providers to collect more cash more efficiently. It combines the clinical and financial documentation in a single source view, which reduces the time staff spends toggling through legacy systems looking for needed documents and problematic claims. RMReimbursement Maximizer also guarantees accuracy and efficiency in the appeals process by automating data entry, copy and paste, and choosing the correct appeals verbiage.

For more information about RMReimbursement Maximizer and denial management strategies and appeals, free to call us at (877) 591-2590 or email us at