Revenue Masters Reimbursement Accelerator


RM Reimbursement Accelerator™ is the most powerful, full-featured Healthcare Denial Management software that ensures 100% collectability for healthcare providers by checking every single claim is paid according to payer contracts.

RM Reimbursement Accelerator™ is cloud-based technology that offers excellent contract management and modeling, superior denials and underpayment management; it features the industry’s most modern interface and is the undisputed price performance LEADER. Most other software has fewer features, or requires expensive add-ons. The RM Reimbursement Accelerator is a fully integrated RCM Suite and replaces up to seven software applications. This system ensures identification and collection of underpayments and wrongful denials by arming you with the correct contractual data to appeal and overturn them. RM Reimbursement Accelerator works with any patient accounting system and can be setup in as few as 30 days. Having been built as a cloud first flexible technology, it can model any payer contract to accurately calculate the expected plan allowable.

RM Reimbursement Accelerator is an affordable and easy-to-use healthcare denial management solution for any provider with payer contracts including hospitals, physician groups, SNFs, home health, etc. You will rest assured  every single claim will be paid according to contract, for both your government and managed care payers and save hundreds of hours of time for an affordable investment with a high ROI.


Increase Collectability With RMReimbursement Accelerator, Your Healthcare Denial Management Solution!