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Proven reimbursement and revenue cycle management solutions for providers. Healthcare contract modeling is essential for any healthcare provider to ensure 100 percent collections from payers.




Simplifying revenue cycle management and hospital contract management for facilities nationwide

Critical Access Hospitals 

One- to 25-bed hospitals now can access healthcare contract and claims management software to manage payer contracts. Revenue Masters’ affordable software makes it possible for small to large hospitals to improve their revenue cycle

Physician Groups

The best healthcare contract modeling and denial management software option for both small and large physician groups

Ambulatory Surgical Centers 

Revenue Masters can transform the ASC revenue cycle management processes by helping identify and overturn all denials and underpayments to achieve full collectability

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Care providers can now focus on what they do best and leave healthcare contract modeling and denial management to Revenue Masters

Rural Health

Revenue Masters is affordable, accurate and increases functionality while helping providers achieve 100 percent collections




Offering You High ROI Healthcare IT Services

All providers benefit from automating validation of every single claim against the contractual for fewer FTE hours, the revenues added, identifying and overturning underpayments and denials, along with the peace of mind that every dollar is being collected.



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