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Revenue Masters’ mission as a Revenue Cycle Management company is to supply providers with easy-to-use technology to achieve 100% claims collectability. With our healthcare contract management software, we help providers get paid on all of their services rightly earned and contracted for.
Our SaaS tools incorporate healthcare contract management with reimbursement payer modeling.
Our solutions combine automated workflows, revenue forecasting, and performance management to increase provider’s NPR and claims management efficiencies. Revenue Masters’ team has decades of experience in managed care, commercial, and government payer strategies. Our team also has experience working in provider’s business offices to build products for this the healthcare market needs.

A combination of expertise, efficiency, quality, and accountability makes Revenue Masters the right choice if you are looking for the benefits that contract management with reimbursement modeling can provide you or your clients.





Revenue Masters Healthcare Contract Management

Partner Programs


Healthcare providers struggle every day with payer contracts and reimbursement models. Revenue Masters has established a world-class Healthcare Contract Management partner program with the purpose of simplifying the business of Healthcare. We can help your organization implement healthcare contract management best practices. Our partner programs give you the ability to offer an intellectually intuitive SaaS for your provider clients. Our products can enable your clients to manage multiple payer contracts and reimbursement modeling to identify and appeal underpayments and denials in order to increase net patient revenues. Revenue Masters makes it easy integrate our technology through Private Label or Co-Branding healthcare contract management partner program options.

We also offer an API integration for technology partners to connect directly into your core product offering, immediately meeting the demands of customers. Partners can offer Revenue Masters cloud-based products to solve more of their client's revenue cycle problems. We are always recruiting new solution providers throughout the United States to join our Channel Partner Program. 



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