Zero Balance Managed Care Recovery

On 18th Oct 2017
managed recovery

Are you a healthcare provider leaving significant sums uncollected?  Are your payer payment discrepancies metrics not promptly updated? Do you question how much revenue you, as a healthcare provider, are missing out on?  If so, then your facility is a good candidate for Revenue Masters Managed Care Recovery Service.

With so much complication in the healthcare revenue cycle most providers are missing out on huge amounts of revenue without even noticing. From billing and collection errors, health information technology challenges, and lack of monitoring the whole claims process, it is easy to overlook or not even notice missed revenues. Many overlooked revenues can seem small, but when multiplied across all claims the numbers can be huge. Manual RCM systems are outdated and inaccurate. This wastes time and labor, and increases error, thus missing out on money that should have been collected. A strong technological system to monitor the healthcare revenue cycle is the most efficient and accurate way to collect your revenues and ensure your healthcare organization runs smoothly.

Revenue Masters proprietary software and internal recovery process is designed to review all zero balance claims (for primary payers) to determine payer payment discrepancies, underpayments, and denied claims.  When discrepancies are identified, our team of specialists then analyze these accounts to first validate the discrepancy and the cause, and then follow-up with the payers for recovery and resolution. Our state-of-the-art software clearly shows you your collected vs collectable amounts (CvC) as well as all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This allows you to track any issues and make necessary improvements. Our detailed report shows your last 18 months payer variances and allows you to go back and collect. Many healthcare executives are shocked to see the actual numbers they have been missing out on.

Contact us for your free zero balance review report! Our team of Revenue Cycle experts is excited to work with you to take back your hard-earned revenue. Call us at (877)591-2590 or email us at today, we look forward to hearing from you.