Why You Must Have Contract Modeling For Compliance

On 8th Jul 2021
Why You Must Have Contract Modeling For Compliance

The following demonstration is Revenue Masters Payer Glass solution and why you must have contract modeling for compliance.

Revenue Masters Payer Glass Solution

This solution is required for the CMS mandate for price transparency that is effective January 1st, 2021 for hospital price transparency. It helps Americans know the cost of an item or service before they receive it. This is where you can be able to display your standard charges, your 300 shopables, and then also allow the patient to go through a decision tree to select their item of service. Before they go down to the hospital and have the service. They will have their estimate and they'll know down to the product line or the plan that's on their insurance card what the estimated allowed amount is per contract. And so what will happen is the patient will be able to access this information by going to the hospital website.



Simple yet powerful contract modeling and management SaaS that works with any HIS.

We model your contract then maintain and update them for you

We can model any contract no matter it's complexity

We model all contracts in days instead of months

You can easily identify and overturn underpayments and denials to appeal

You can easily monitor Payer CvC (Collected vs Collectable)

You don’t need a contract management department

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