Accurate Revenue Forecasting

Accurate Revenue Forecasting in the Value-Based Care Era

Almost one-third of all U.S. healthcare reimbursements are now tied to outcomes, with alternative payment model spending totaling $355 billion annually, according to a study by the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network. By its own tally, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services expects to set aside $1.9 billion for its Medicare value-based care incentive payments in 2018. 

Zero Balance Recovery

Zero Balance Managed Care Recovery

Are you a healthcare provider leaving significant sums uncollected?  Are your payer payment discrepancies metrics not promptly updated? Do you question how much revenue you, as a healthcare provider, are missing out on?  If so, then your facility is a good candidate for Revenue Masters Managed Care Recovery Service.

Revenue Cycle Management Improvement

Signs Your RCM System Needs a Makeover

Successful Revenue Cycle Management is a primary goal for healthcare providers.  The revenue cycle is the entire life of a patient account from the time it is created to the time it is paid and closed. The healthcare revenue cycle is already a complicated system and outdated or incompatible ways of managing aren’t helping. Following are some indicators that it is time for a RCM system improvement.

Zero Balance Payment Review


Are you aware of the frequency of invisible denials?  Do you know how many claims were underpaid over the past 12 months?  Do you question if account balances were erroneously adjusted off?  How do you know if your team has exhausted their efforts to recover cash owed to you, the provider?

RCM Frustrations

RCM Frustrations are Real

Inaccurate payer collections are very prevalent for healthcare providers of all types. This is why the healthcare industry's claims-payments system is frustrating to ALL providers, payers and patients alike. Inefficiency and systemwide tendency for error wastes resources, which affects the bottom line!RCM Frustration