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Revenue Masters is a Revenue Cycle Management company focused in combining reimbursement, predictive analytics, automated workflows and performance management to improve healthcare provider’s revenue. Revenue Masters’ team has decades of experience in managed care, as well as commercial and government payer strategies, bringing a natural insight into the healthcare market dynamics. A combination of expertise, efficiency, productivity, quality, and accountability makes Revenue Masters the right choice if you are looking to help manage and optimize your revenue stream.


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  Our Team





Dena Bates


Dena has more than 29 years experience in the healthcare industry. Her in-depth and broad working knowledge of the financial aspects of healthcare delivery, coupled with her strategic foresight for innovative change, has positioned her as a knowledgeable and respected healthcare reimbursement and revenue cycle specialist. For the past 12 years, Dena has provided financial, operational, and strategic product development services to 67 healthcare partners. She has spent much of her career implementing revenue cycle solutions, developing and expanding service line offerings, and improving performance management throughout the revenue cycle continuum.




Jennifer Huddleston


Jennifer has more than 13 years of experience in the healthcare industry, working with over 50 hospitals across the nation. Jennifer’s wide array of receivables management experience includes contract financial analysis, appeal management and strategy, contract provisions, payment review and recovery solutions, revenue cycle technology solutions, financial and operational analysis reporting, as well as providing education and training to optimize performance improvement. Jennifer has spent much of her career implementing revenue cycle solutions, with emphasis on performance improvement technology solutions designed to increase efficiency and accelerate cash flow. For the past few years, Jennifer has managed payment review and recovery teams, as well as implemented revenue cycle technology solutions to increase hospitals net revenue.




Rick Bengson


Rick has 14 years of executive level management in software development. His expertise is in highly scalable web-based solutions. His software development experience encompasses the health services, legal, and real estate vertical markets. Rick’s passion is to create a great client/user experience that translates into more productive work. Our greatest compliment is for our client users to refer a peer in another organization to use our software tools.


If you have any questions about products, services, implementation, integration, or anything else, let us know. Revenue Masters will be happy to send you a custom quote for your organization. We pride ourselves on affordability while providing the best value for your investment. Contact Us today to start recovering money from underpayments and denials, and start capturing 100% of your revenue!



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