7-11% of all claims submitted are underpaid. Are you ready to achieve 100% collections across all payers?


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Increase your net patient revenue by 3-7% within the first 12 months.


We offer a simplified way to take charge of contracts, denials and underpayments.




Unlike the competition, Revenue Masters helps you model contracts in days versus months.


Unsatisfied after 30 days? We'll return 100% of your money.

Underpayments and denials simplified.

We believe that providers deserve to be paid every penny due according to their payer contracts.

Our mission is to simplify this process. By delivering the most advanced healthcare contract management platform in the industry with integrated payment recovery, 100 percent claims collections across all payers finally is possible.


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Revenue Masters Role in Your Revenue Cycle

The healthcare revenue cycle is composed of different administrative and clinical functions associated with claims processing, payment, and revenue generation. This process includes identification, management, and collection of patient service revenue. With contract modeling and management functionality that allows for easy identification and overturning of denials and underpayments, Revenue Masters plays a critical role in optimizing your healthcare revenue cycle.

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We offer a simple-to-operate, advanced medical revenue cycle contract management platform that seamlessly integrates revenue recovery workflows to enable 100 percent collections across all payers. Our Contract Management solutions simplify identification of wrongful underpayments and denials to then help you overturn them and increase your net patient revenue.

Revenue Masters' platform delivers:

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Payer Contract Management 
Revenue Masters Cloud Contract Management offers a simplified way to keep track of your contracts, denials and underpayments.
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Underpayments Management 
Take back the money you have earned with
our state-of-the-art underpayments management tool.
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Denial Management
Identify and overturn wrongful denials. Save
time by cutting down your appeal time by two-thirds.


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Contract Negotiation 
Simulate payer contract with easy and seamlessly compare new and old plans without scrutinizing every last detail.
Contractual Net Revenue Forecasting
Net revenue forecasting per payer -
either detailed or summarized to assist providers
in managing net revenue.
MS-DRG Pre-billing risk analysis to uncover
coding compliance and payer revenue integrity.

Our Services



Cloud Contract Management & Modeling

We offer payer contract modeling and management as a service. We can model your payer contracts with our turnkey, user-friendly cloud software at a fraction of the competitors' prices. Boost your net patient revenue by identifying and overturning underpayments and wrongful healthcare denials.


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Payment Recovery

Our payment review and recovery services help improve revenue cycle management operations, helping your team achieve optimal revenue cycle performance with a monthly summary that provides a detailed analysis of payer activity, source reasons for underpayments and denials recommendations to prevent future cash loss.


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RM-API for Partners

The RM-API powers your current technology with the contract management and modeling functionality and benefits your clients have been asking for. Once your client's payer contracts and data tables have been provided, contracts are modeled quickly and easily into the RM software for ongoing management.


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Why Choose Revenue Masters



Identification of underpayments and denials with high recovery success for 100% collections


Payer contract management expertise, maintenance and updates included in subscription


User-friendly software that works with any HIS system in the industry


Affordably priced, 14 days' set-up and 30 day money back guarantee


Most technologically advanced contract management solution in the market



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What Clients Say

We added contract management onto our existing system. The executive dashboard includes status and charts with the complete revenue cycle process in real-time, this helps us better visualize accounts and items that need attention. We are able to model various rate and term scenarios for better contract negotiations and improved financial performance. It saves us countless hours and we have the peace of mind that we are working our claims according to the complicated payer contracts.

Joe Adams - Revenue Cycle Director / IT Director

We chose the Revenue Masters system for its ability to deliver accurate and on-demand reports to help us quickly resolve denials. We had specific reporting requirements that our current denials and patient accounting systems couldn't handle, so we spent lots of time running multiple reports and merging data to obtain the information we needed. The Revenue Masters system takes care of that for us.

Becky Sanders - Corporate Director Patient Accounting

Phoebe Putney Hospital

Learn how Revenue Masters can increase your net patient revenue by 7-11% or more.